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Shared Living and Adult Family Care -Service area

In the Shared Living Program, adults with developmental disabilities live in the home of a trained care provider. Through a detailed process of matching the individual's interests and preferences with a family's strengths and experiences, Kennedy-Donovan Center is able to make successful Shared Living placements.

In addition to providing supervision and care, shared living settings promote:

The Shared Living program staff provides support and monitoring of each placement. Individuals receive case management and advocacy, and providers receive comprehensive, on-going training and support.

The program is certified through the Department of Developmental Services.


Individuals who have a primary diagnosis of a developmental disability and are interested in living in a family-based home environment may be eligible for participation in the Shared Living Program. Services are provided without regard to age (providing the individual is at least 22 years), creed or race.

Eligibility is determined on the basis of information received through the individual assessment process.


Referrals may come from a variety of sources, including:

For more information, please contact the Shared Living office closest to you.

Care Providers

Being a care provider can be a rewarding profession. Care providers have a lasting and significant impact on the individuals living with them and gain great satisfaction in enhancing their quality of life. By sharing their home and providing a safe, nurturing environment, care providers help individuals with disabilities to strengthen daily living skills, to develop greater independence and self-advocacy, and to pursue interests and relationships in the community.

Individuals who serve as Shared Living providers are independent contractors, and will be certified following an application and review process. KDC Shared Living staff provide care givers with on-going support and supervision.

Shared Living caregivers receive:

Serving the areas of South Valley, Metro West, Newton/South Norfolk: - brochure

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Serving the areas of New Bedford, Fall River, Taunton/Attleboro, Greater New Bedford Area: - brochure

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Serving Cape Cod and Islands: - brochure

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