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The Suraj Family

"Thank you KDC for all you did for our family!"

Th Owen Family

"I was very happy with the services they provided to my daughter and the respect they showed my family as a whole unit, while in my home and I knew that was something I wanted to be part of to help more families in need of support."

The Paras Family

"Twenty years later, I am still fortunate enough to work for this wonderful Program who helped my daughter in so many ways!"

KAMP Construction raises $21,000 for KDC

Kennedy-Donovan Center’s Early Intervention Program to Host First Annual Family Fun Day

The Delafuente Family

"Our EI therapist approached us as a family dynamic, and that was the most important thing to me."

The Youmans Family

"Our daughter is a fighter and is our hero."

The Mercer Family

"Wonderful staff at KDC, we couldn't ever leave!"