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The Delafuente Family

When my triplets were born, I was living in Pittsburgh at the time and had no idea what Early Intervention was. It wasn’t until I needed the services that I learned more about it. One of my triplets was born premature and as a result he spent over four months in the nicu with a feeding tube. When he was finally released, I started to notice some delays and weird tendencies compared to his two siblings. It was then that their pediatrician suggested Early Intervention (EI). My family moved from Pittsburgh to Massachusetts, and our therapy sessions began! Our EI Therapist was absolutely amazing. She didn’t just focus on one of the triplets who specifically needed KDC’s EI Program for his speech and delays, but she focused on the whole family dynamic, which was so important to me. It prepared my other children and I for the best practices to work on with my son. Taking care of three small children is very time consuming and having her work with our schedules and having visits at our home was invaluable to our family. Taking part in KDC’s EI Program was a ‘no brainer’ for us, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results! My son has now aged out of the EI program and he is now excelling in speech and many other things… thank you KDC for all your help along the way!