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The Peters Family

When our daughter was just around one-years-old we knew something was not quite right. She wasn’t hitting her milestones like several other children we were friendly with, and she wasn’t making words yet. At a barbecue one summer, I confided in some of our neighbors and told them about the problems we were having with our daughter. They jumped up and said ‘Have you called KDC yet? They can help you!’

Shortly there after, we called KDC and spoke with an Early Intervention (EI) therapist. They came to our home and evaluated her not just on speech and language, but many other things as well. Our daughter has fluid in her ears, which delayed her speech and language. With KDC’s assistance and help, we were able to work on the problem and now she is thriving! Through this whole process, we learned that it is okay to ask for help. The old school mentality is that things will be fine and work out, but I knew I wanted her to get better now, and I am so happy I did. Our daughter is hitting her milestones now and KDC is credited with a huge part of that!