Group living options for independent minds

KDC knows that personal choice and privacy are essential to successful community housing. We help adults find the right match.

Program Overview

KDC community residences offer a variety of group living arrangements. Our community housing staff collaborate with residents to provide long-term, stable living situations where individuals can connect with one another and with the community.

People with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) might need just a little assistance to maintain independent living, or they might need more hands-on support for personal care. Two of KDC’s group residences are specifically for individuals with ABI.

Our Difference

In our housing, we help individuals reframe challenges into opportunities and opportunities into individual success.

Services We Offer

Each home tailors its support program to the unique need of its residents.

In general, services consist of

  • 24/7 supervision and care
  • Individual service plans for each resident
  • Medical and behavioral oversight

Housing programs can help

  • Daily living skills development and practice
  • Coordination with KDC Day Habilitation, education and employment options where residents are engaged during the day
  • Other social and recreation support in the community

Who We Support

Group residences can be good options for a wide range of adults with developmental disabilities or conditions. KDC can help to assess which type of residential support is best for each individual. Residential services under the ABI/MFP Waiver provides an opportunity for the person with an ABI to live in their own home.

We are here for you

Contact Us

To inquire about Residences, please email Angela Chery at or call her directly at 508.772.1274