Special Education School

New Bedford 19 Hawthorn Street, New Bedford, MA 02740 (508) 992-4756 ext. 4

Kennedy-Donovan Center School (KDC School) is a Chapter 766-approved private day school that serves the towns of Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

We provide the highest quality special education services to students, ages 3 through 22, with autism, developmental delays, multiple disabilities, neurological disorders, physical disabilities, medically-fragile, and behavioral challenges.

Certified special education teachers and therapists plan each student’s individual program to match their developing abilities while encouraging each to reach his/her maximum potential.  Individual and small group instruction utilizes a variety of strategies, materials, activities, and experiences to challenge and motivate the students to develop their cognitive, motor, communication, social, emotional, vocational, and self-help skills.

Students at KDC School are supported in developing positive skills and behaviors.  Staff are trained in Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) as well as Safety-Care, a skills training focused on de-escalation techniques and behavior management.

The KDC School has a board -certified behaviorist as part of its educational team to help support students’ diverse needs.


Students have access to a wide range of assistive technology and therapeutic spaces, including iPads, communication books, picture symbols, talking photo albums, a sensory room, a physical therapy room, and more.

Kennedy-Donovan Center(KDC) Transportation provides transportation to and from school for our students as well as for community outings.  Students at KDC School have access to a variety of community-based learning activities such as visits to the library, grocery store, parks, zoo, YMCA, and the Boys & Girls Club, as well as activities with students from local schools.

Serving the towns of south eastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod.

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