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The assessment process consists of four different parts:

1. A record review in which the BCBA reads and extracts all pertinent information from the intake packet, as well as any relevant documents provided, such as an IEP / ISP / 504b, Functional Behavior Assessment, or Behavior Intervention Plan.

2. A two-hour phone interview during which the BCBA asks you questions regarding current problem behaviors, skill deficits, and areas you are interested in working on in the home and/or community. You will also be asked specific questions regarding information that needs to be included in the BCBA’s report to your insurance provider.  This information may include medical history, family mental health background, school services, living situations, and potential barriers to treatment.

3. Three one-hour observations of your child and family interacting in your home. These observations will range from the BCBA interacting with your child, collecting baseline data, and performing skills and behavior assessments to observing your family interacting with your child. The BCBA will also conduct an environmental evaluation of your child’s living environment using an environment safety checklist.

4. The BCBA will write a report for your insurance company that summarizes what he or she discussed with your family, his or her observations, and recommendations for service delivery. Your child’s initial treatment and behavior plans will be included in this report, which the program director will review with the BCBA. The report will then be sent to the insurance company for review. The BCBA will send you a copy of the report and schedule a time to review it with you for about an hour.