The Devinney Family

When Noah started in KDC’s Applied Behavior Analysis Program (ABA) in November 2018, his speech was almost non-existent. He wasn’t able to start a sentence without using demanding words like ‘I want’ or ‘I need.’
Now a year later, Noah is a much different kindergartner.
“Noah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at three years old. He barely spoke before he met Jessica, his ABA therapist. Now he counts forwards and backwards, and he is saying so many words that I’m losing count!” said Noah’s mother, Kasey. “He absolutely adores her and loves learning from her.”
Jessica, who works with Noah three nights a week, works diligently with him on improving his social skills. She has helped him drastically reduce his behaviors – so much so that his Kindergarten teacher doesn’t even recognize him.
“His teacher looked at his IEP, and then looked back at him- and said ‘he is not this kid, he is the exact opposite. Whatever his IEP says he can’t do, he actually can do; he improves every day while receiving KDC’s therapies,” said Kasey.
Now with the assistance of KDC’s ABA Program, Noah’s future is looking bright. His behaviors are minimized; he sets new goals each week and reaches them.
“Noah has exceeded his communication goals since we’ve started ABA therapy,” said Jessica. “He has learned to use his words to gain access to his needs and wants, which has decreased his targeted behaviors tremendously! Noah and his family are a pleasure to work with!”