Refer a Caregiver

KDC welcomes people with a wide range of experience in supporting individuals with disabilities or challenges.

If someone you know shares KDC’s belief that all individuals- with or without disabilities- should live in the most supportive setting possible, they may be eligible to be a caregiver and/or recipient of the Adult Foster Care program.


When you refer someone who may be interested in becoming a caregiver with KDC or recipient of the Adult Foster Care program.

To receive the $250 gift card, the referred individual or family must complete the onboarding process and required trainings.

What is Adult Foster Care (AFC)?

Adult Foster Care supports individuals with medical needs or intellectual disabilities living in the homes of family members, caregiver of choice, or a KDC-trained caregiver. Family members may receive AFC supports as long as the family member is eligible to receive Masshealth or Medicaid, and both the family member and caregiver both meet program requirements. Our seasoned staff assist applicants through the assessment and eligibility process.


KDC partners with caregivers.

Adult Foster Care caregivers are family or non-family members who provide live-in practical supports and companionship to an individual with medical, developmental, and/or behavioral needs. Caregivers may also help family members to coordinate visits, care, and service planning.



Fill out the referral form below to refer a caregiver or family to KDC today.


Contact Terri Lemaire, Adult Foster Care Program Director, at or call 774.307.0906