Family Visitation Center

A safe place for supervised visitation

Our purpose is to create a safe, monitored environment where children and their family members can have supervised visits.

Program Overview

KDC’s Family Visitation Center program is a community space designed to provide supervised visits between non-custodial parents and their children. KDC Visitation Facilitators are trained to assist and promote the parent-child relationship while also helping parents develop parenting skills.

Our Difference

KDC provides dedicated spaces for families to spend time together in a safe, home-like environment.

Services We Offer

We understand many families and non-custodial parents find it challenging to find a safe and comfortable place to host visitation. KDC offers fully-furnished community spaces in New Bedford and Kingston that are closely monitored by trained Visitation Facilitators. Our staff assist with:

  • Documentation of observed parenting skills
  • Hands-on parent support
  • Child transportation

Who We Support

In partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF), KDC provides family visitation to

Staff Excellence

We see KDC as partners in the journeys of birth families, foster families, and the children we serve. With our range of clinical and community experience, KDC supports children in foster care at every stage of their development and ensures that foster parents are prepared to do the same.

We Are Here For You

Contact Us

To inquire about Family Visitation Center, please fill in your information in the “We Are Here For You” form. Your submission will go directly to a program staff person who will reach out to you. You may also call 774-206-8867 or email