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Foster Care and Family Services

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Foster Care
Children in Kennedy-Donovan Center’s Foster Care program range from infants through twenty-one years. The children generally have medical needs, developmental disabilities, or a history of abuse and neglect. For many, the goal is reunification with the birth parent(s). KDC works in partnership with other agencies, school departments, therapists and medical staff to ensure that each child and foster parent is served by a comprehensive treatment team.

Complex Medical Foster Care trains and equips foster parents to provide a supportive home for children with medically complex needs. Additional support provided by professional medical staff members.

KDC’s Comprehensive Foster Care Program is provided through a contract with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF). It provides specialized care for children and youth with a wide variety of needs, some of which include:

  • Mild to severe medical needs, cerebral palsy, or seizure disorders
  • Autism and PDD
  • Infants born exposed to, or dependent on substances
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Behavioral challenges

Kennedy-Donovan Center recruits potential foster care parents and provides them with appropriate training and information, as well as on-going support and guidance in the form of weekly home visits.

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Lives in Forward Transition
LIFT is a program for individuals, age 16-22, who are in transition toward independence. The voluntary program is designed to assist young adults who have been involved with DCF for a long period of time, and are in need of intensive work on their independent living skills. Program participants have a great deal of input into where they live and the goals they want to achieve.

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Independent Living Program
This transitional housing program helps young adults transition from long-term foster care into lives of independence. The program offers participants independent living arrangements in a private apartment with daytime support staff. Comprehensive service coordinating and close working relationships help participants improve the skills required for employment, education, budgeting and household management.

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Support and Stabilization
This comprehensive program provides a moderate level of support to the entire family. Each family is assisted in meeting their needs and reaching their goals with flexible, individualized services such as parent coaching, educational support, aftercare and support groups. Our strength-based approach works to find a family’s natural supports within the community which may remain intact following KDC’s involvement.

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