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The Barrasso Family

When my daughter was just 18 months old, we knew something was different. She wasn’t talking and she was showing signs of significant delays than her older sister had. During the past 22 years, we have seen several neurologists, specialists and doctors to find answers, and hopefully a diagnosis. As of today, our daughter does not have a diagnosis. Her symptoms are very similar to cerebral palsy.

When our daughter turned 22, we started to dread the transition from a school to a Day Habilitation Program. We looked at several different organizations and after talking to a few friends who came to KDC, we decided to try out KDC- and we are so happy we did! She has been with KDC’s Day Habilitation (Day Hab) Program since November 2016 and we couldn’t be more pleased. Every day she receives a note letting us know of any issues that she may have had during the day, and they let us know what she did throughout the day. It really helps us when she gets home because we can easily communicate with her about her day. She is eager to come to the Day Hab Program every, single day. When you meet our daughter, you know she’s such a joy, she’s just awesome. Thank you KDC!