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Julie Cabral

Meet Julianna, but you can call her Julie. She came to KDC’s Foster Care Program in 2013 at the young age of 16-years-old, after losing her mother. She lives in New Bedford with her foster mom, Pat and together they enjoy comedy–in all its forms; comics, movies and stand-up comedy. But Julie’s life wasn’t always a happy time. Pat says that without KDC’s guidance, she doesn’t know if Julie would have made it to her 21st birthday. She came to Pat lost, confused and needed guidance…and most importantly a role model. But that all changed for Julie.  Now, five years later, Julie is the role model to other foster kids in KDC’s Foster Care Program. “Julie is just amazing,” began Eileen Dugas, KDC’s Foster Care Program Director. “She participates in all of our peer mentoring group meetings, and is an excellent role model to the other participants in the program. One of her greatest strengths- understanding what it takes to have a good relationship, friendship and how to treat people. Julie follows the ‘Golden Rule’ and that is a quality not many young adults in her situation would know how to be.” Today, Julie is enrolled at Bristol Community College, works on Martha Vineyard in the summer and Papa Gino’s throughout the year. She saves money, has her own car, a license and her personal goal is to become a foster mom.