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The Mokfienski Family

Our son, Evan, has been a part of KDC for a little over six months now. He was born with infant torticollis which caused a bit of flatness on the side of his head. His doctor said his head flatness would eventually get better and we were advised to seek early intervention (EI) services to help with his neck.

He was approved for a 6 month treatment with KDC’s EI therapists. As first time parents, we did not have experience raising kids and we trusted everything his doctor would tell us. His head flatness was something that we were very concerned about.. since it could affect his ability to, one day, play a sport that might require the use of a helmet as a protective gear, and many other factors.

During a conversation with our EI therapist, my wife mentioned this issue and what the doctor had told us. KDC’s therapist suggested that we seek a second opinion and she gave us the information of a few places that could measure his head and give us some additional guidance. They measured his head and advised us to start a helmet treatment program which should take care of the flatness. We then went to the Boston Children’s Hospital to see a different doctor and they also advised the same.

Our son probably has another month left on this treatment but the progress has been amazing and his head looks great. Today he is able to move his neck without any issues and he is a very active baby!

Even though we saw our therapist through KDC only once a week, the impact that she has had in my son’s life speaks volume of the work that she and KDC does. All the stretching exercises, climbing steps, looking for hidden objects, the songs that the sang to him, the care that she showed him- seeing my son smile at her means a lot to me and my wife. There were so many milestones that would not have been possible to achieve without the help of KDC’s services.

KDC has a very special EI Program that I am sure it has helped so many kids but no success is possible without the amazing therapists KDC provides. I will forever be grateful for all that our therapist has done for our family.