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The Ouellette Family

Our road with The Kennedy- Donovan Center began when our little Everett was 11 months old. Our Pediatrician referred us when he wasn’t hitting his developmental milestones. I felt that I had failed at motherhood, that I was not giving Everett the tools he needed to succeed. After our first Evaluation with KDC my doubts about my parenting had already began to subside. They were so comforting during the whole process and took the time to explain it all to me. Our first visits with Joan, our service coordinator and Physical therapist, were very tough. Everett was so sick and it was a struggle to get him to complete any tasks, I felt hopeless and embarrassed. Joan never gave up, never showed doubt, and built Everett and I up. I have never felt such intense support from a person outside of my family. Everett has had a long and tireless road with Specialists and diagnostics and without Early Intervention, there would have been a lot more bumps. We were kept informed of the process and transitions through the program and were never kept in the dark or confused. We were given so many outlets for Ev that continued to help him progress and prepare for his exit into the world without KDC’s support. When his language was showing immense delay we were immediately introduced to Leah and started Speech therapy services. Everett was given tools to help communicate and he blossomed. They spent so much time and put so much thought into helping him and it showed, especially through his connection and love for his therapists and teachers. They have all become part of Everett’s heart. I do not know where we would be if we did not have the time we did with KDC. They went above and beyond their call, they helped Everett grow, gave him the tools and confidence to succeed, they were emotional support for me when I needed it most and helped me focus on his achievements and not dwell on his diagnosis. I am a better mother for Everett because of them, and they have made sure Everett is ready for the rest of his journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.