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Meet Garrett

“KDC’s Early Intervention (EI) Program is an amazing experience, and provided my son with the tools he needs in order to be successful.  My son, Garrett, just turned 3, and prior to that had EI from August of 2017 until this past week with his 3rd birthday.  This was one of the hardest days as a mom to watch Garrett and Ms. Tricia in their last session.

Garrett was developing normally, saying his first words a day after his 7 month birthday.  However, within a week of his one year physical and his cluster vaccinations, Garrett developed partial complex seizures.  His seizures are controlled through medication, but that can also cause some behavior issues.  Right after his second birthday I reached out to EI because Garrett was no longer meeting milestones like he had, and my husband and I were extremely concerned, especially with his lack of speech.  KDC sent out an amazing team who evaluated Garrett, and determined that he needed more than just speech, and paired us with Ms. Tricia, our developmental specialist.  Over the past year, I have seen my son grow, and his speech has progressed so much from when he first began.

During our time, my husband and I expressed our concerns with Ms. Tricia, and she reconvened with KDC to determine that Garrett would also benefit from bi-weekly meetings with Ms. Melanie, their Occupational Therapist. Ms. Melanie provided the sensory diet that my son was craving.  It was also during this time that they felt Garrett was finally ready to successfully join a playgroup.  Ms. Jill and Ms. Lori were supportive and understanding of our son who had never been in a school setting, and adapted to his tornado like tendencies.  Unfortunately Garrett no longer qualifies for EI because of his age, but Ms. Tricia provided me some awesome resources to help us continue with services through alternate providers until he can start in the school preschool in the fall.  I want to thank Ms. Tricia, Ms. Melanie, Ms. Jill and Ms. Lori for the help, support, and patience while working with our son and the struggles and difficulties he gave along the way.  It truly takes an one-of-a kind person to do what they did for our son, and we were gifted with 4 of them to help us on our journey to combat the developmental delays he faces.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” -Lisa Sampson


Lisa Sampson