Meet Joe

“When Joe was born we enrolled him in the Parents as Teachers program. They noticed that he plateaued in his development at about 6 months of age. Thankfully they referred us to the KDC EI program in Attleboro. There he had PT,OT, and speech and participated in several playgroups. He was eventually diagnosed with developmental and intellectual disabilities. The KDC staff always included everyone in our family and provided the emotional supports that we needed. We became part of the Parent Advisory Council and continued on for many years. Scott also joined the board of directors. When a teaching assistant position opened up, I jumped at the chance to join this great team! I just recently celebrated my 15th year! KDC showed us how to be strong advocates for Joe and thanks to their guidance Joe continued to grow and progress. He turned 22 this past December and has transitioned into adult services. He also obtained a part time job at a local restaurant and is doing wonderfully there! We are so proud of what he has accomplished and we can’t wait to see what the future brings.” -Lori Scales, mother to Joe.