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Meet Cole

“Our son, Cole, was born in summer 2016 at 36 weeks (weighing just 4lbs 3 ounces). From the start, we were very relieved that he was and is a healthy and laid back little boy! After a short 8-day stay in the NICU at Woman and Infants Hospital, we began to navigate the world of being premature — every other day weight checks, breastfeeding battles, and hearing tests were part of the protocol. We figured we were out of the woods after the first couple of months showed significant weight gain and celebrated when he began smiling and lifting his head. He wasn’t a huge fan of tummy time and didn’t roll over until he was about 6 months, but we didn’t really think anything of it.

During his nine month well-being check up, the pediatrician looked us in the eye and said, “It’s time to think about services.” –We were shocked. I remember crying as I drove home that day, thinking that I had failed him. In hindsight, calling KDC was the best thing I could have done for him.

Cole wasn’t crawling or babbling, and the first few meetings with his physical therapist were trying– he didn’t want help because trying to crawl was a lot of work!  Each week, his therapist worked with him to improve his leg strength and gave us tips on what we could do to help further the process. Receiving tips to help on the off days of service was crucial– the handouts and ideas that the therapist provided were so helpful!  It took another three months, but just before his 1st birthday, he crawled across the floor.  At 21 months, he finally walked for the first time!  It’s been a long few months but he is now reaching milestones on his own timetable and working through his delays with patience and courage.

Now, we’re focused on speech delays and continuing our work with Cole to give him the best opportunity to succeed. For parents out there who are scared, confused, or just sense that something is wrong, working with KDC has been such a lifesaver to us and we’re so thankful!”



Amelia & Jonathan Sugerman– Attleboro, MA