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Ryleigh Mackenzie

“My daughter Ryleigh Mackenzie currently receives speech services through the Attleboro Early Intervention Program.

Ryleigh was a very shy and closed off two-year-old who could only act herself in front of her father, siblings and myself. It was so difficult to bring her anywhere, she was always attached at the hip and never wanted to visit with extended family and was even difficult around my parents.

Early Intervention was something I had heard of but my son never needed. I was always timid towards the idea that my daughter wasn’t developing as quickly as she should, but I knew she would need attention.

Since the moment I called Kennedy-Donovan Center, I knew her life was going to change drastically. The staff are so polite and helpful, I was so satisfied. Once Ryleigh’s intake was done and she qualified for services, we knew the next step was Lisa, who would be assigned to help Ryleigh.

Since the moment Lisa walked through our door, Ryleigh was so excited to see her smiling, bright face and could not wait to play with Lisa. Lisa quickly learned Ryleigh’s absolute favorite activity was bubbles and now she brings them every, single time for them to have special time together, doing something that Ryleigh thoroughly enjoys.

Lisa pays such good attention to Ryleigh and knows all the words we’ve learned with her and incorporates them into every activity she does and Ryleigh will gladly show her the knowledge she has learned thus far. The amount of improvement I have seen in my daughter not only with speech, but socially, is unimaginable in such a short time but I owe it all to Lisa and KDC.

Kennedy-Donovan Center is so lucky to have a therapist like Lisa as one of their staff. I commend her, and thank God every day that we found someone like her to help Ryleigh achieve all her goals!

Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!”

-Tianna Gualtieri, mother to Ryleigh.