The Steel Family

Meet Kelly. Her five-year-old daughter, Daphne takes part in our Applied Behavior Analysis Program.

Daphne just celebrated her one-year anniversary with KDC’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Program. It is also the one-year anniversary of Kelly deciding to get rid of all other therapies and focusing solely on ABA therapies.

“Daphne participated in a variety of therapies since she was four-months-old, and KDC’s ABA Program has proven to be the most organized, structured and professional program we have been a part of,” said Kelly. “And more importantly- it has been the most beneficial program for her. That is why I decided to focus her time solely on that.”

And Kelly is very glad she did so.

Daphne participates in KDC’s ABA Program four days a week, totaling 10 hours. She is able to work with KDC’s Board Certified Behavior Analysts and other direct support staff, including licensed Behavior Technicians, to work on therapies to help her with her autism diagnosis.

But Daphne wasn’t diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder right away. Daphne was diagnosed with PTEN Hamartoma Tumor Syndrome at one-years-old, which is a spectrum of disorders caused by mutations that can affect various parts of the body. It wasn’t until after multiple visits to Boston Children’s Hospital and Tufts that she was finally diagnosed with autism in January 2018.

Right after Kelly received that diagnosis was when she began calling for ABA services, only to hear she had to wait for services.

“I began to get frustrated, because I already felt behind on services for Daphne, so I knew I needed to get her in somewhere as soon as possible,” she said.

That is when KDC stepped in. Kelly said she made one call to the ABA Program and the Program Director immediately returned her call, and went out to visit Kelly at her home to explain how the program worked. From there, Kelly was able to expedite services and get the ball rolling for her daughter.

Now, because of much to KDC’s credit, Kelly’s daughter is in an integrated Kindergarten classroom.

“I don’t know if she would be in an integrated classroom if it wasn’t for KDC,” said Kelly. “They have changed her life, our lives.”

And today Kelly stresses how important the at-home services are to her and her family. Daphne is in school all day and instead of having to go elsewhere for services, she can come home and have services right in the home, all while Kelly is making dinner, and dealing with tasks around the home.

“It is so convenient for us- and for her, especially for her well-being. To be out of the house for eight hours a day and then to have to go somewhere else right after- that’s a lot for anyone, especially a 5-year-old,” said Kelly. “I am so grateful for the ABA team at KDC.”