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The Whalen Family

84 days.

That is how long Jessica’s son Tyler spent in the NICCU.

Tyler was born nearly ten weeks early. And for Jessica, the thought of a premature baby, weighing only a few pounds was terrifying.

Jessica was in the hospital for 30 days. Shortly after she left the hospital, she attended her baby shower- but without her baby.

“That was a very emotional day for me,” said Jessica. “Just the unknown of what was going to happen to my baby and how he would develop.”

It was two months later that Jessica was referred to KDC’s Plymouth Early Intervention Program.

Before he started at KDC, he couldn’t even lift his head. He wasn’t reaching milestones and he wasn’t progressing where he should be, Jessica said.

But that all changed when Jessica met Julie Wyman- Tyler’s Developmental Specialist at KDC’s Plymouth Early Intervention Program.

“I have been in this field for over ten years,” said Julie. “While I knew Tyler was premature when I met him, and that there was a lot of needs he had, it wasn’t going to stop him in being where he needed to be.”

Tyler, who is now two and a half, has been with Julie for just about two years. Julie always assured Jessica that she needed to take it day to day, week to week- it doesn’t matter where he ‘should be’, all that matters is where he is now. Julie’s goal was to focus on where he was currently at and how she could get him to the next step.

“I can breathe now- because of KDC. I don’t feel like I am ever going through this process alone,” said Jessica. KDC helps guide you to where you need to go- when you may not know where that is at the time. My son is getting the care he needs here, and for that I am so grateful.”