The Whitman Family

Meet Jenna.

In 1989, Jenna started her journey at KDC, as a parent.

In 1992, she began to work for KDC.

In 2019, Jenna retired from KDC. After 30 years of being part of the KDC family.

“If you asked me in 1989 if I would work at KDC, and then spend the next 30 years doing so- I would say absolutely.” said Jenna.

Jenna was introduced to KDC in 1989, when her son, Jeff, was born premature at 26 weeks and in the hospital at Women and Infants for 111 days. Upon discharge, Jenna was told her son would have delays because he was a premature baby, so they were referred to KDC’s Attleboro Early Intervention (EI) Program.

“I didn’t like the sound of that- that they already assumed he would be behind and have delays when compared to the other kids. That made me worried,” said Jenna.

Jeff beat the odds.

Today Jeff lives in New York City, after pursuing his dream job as publisher for a comic book company.

And Jenna credits the Attleboro EI Program for that.

“When we first started with KDC, my son worked with an Occupational Therapist (OT). The knowledge the OT had when she first came out to work with us was absolutely amazing. She was younger than I was and had no children of her own- but that didn’t matter. The skill she had surrounding premature babies was incredible,” said Jenna. “Just the information she provided, strategies and skill to further his development- they were invaluable to us.”

Another factor in Jeff’s success was Monica Quinn. She had been the Clinical Supervisor at the time Jenna’s son went through the program, and today- she is now the Program Director.

“I remember attending playgroups with other families, and we all would be amazed when Monica walked in. The educational skillset she brought, and her presence was admirable,” said Jenna.

Jenna worked side-by-side with Monica for 5 years as a Family Liaison, and then over 20 years as a Developmental Specialist. In that time, she worked with Monica and other program leaders on creating new program initiatives for future-thinking, ways to engage parents, children and get people excited about stepping into the Early Intervention building.

One of those initiatives was the start of a ‘Family Literacy Month’ celebration. What started over 5 years ago as an informational month for parents and caregivers, with the distribution of flyers and pamphlets; turned into a whole month of activities with guest readers, book giveaways, library trips. The program has boomed in recent years- and even had guest speaker Rep. Joe Kennedy III read to the children.

“Because of the leadership and the direct care staff, I have always felt that KDC was a very forward-thinking organization. When I attended conferences to discuss new educational, technology or billing strategies, I was always very proud to be from KDC. Some agencies were struggling with things that Monica implemented years ago.”

“It has just been an absolute joy to work here, I can’t imagine working anywhere else all these years,” said Jenna.