• The Suraj Family
    The Suraj Family
    "Thank you KDC for all you did for our family!"
  • Th Owen Family
    Th Owen Family
    "I was very happy with the services they provided to my daughter and the respect they showed my family as a whole unit, while in my home and I knew that was something I...
  • The Paras Family
    The Paras Family
    "Twenty years later, I am still fortunate enough to work for this wonderful Program who helped my daughter in so many ways!"
  • The Delafuente Family
    The Delafuente Family
    "Our EI therapist approached us as a family dynamic, and that was the most important thing to me."
  • The Youmans Family
    The Youmans Family
    "Our daughter is a fighter and is our hero."
  • The Mercer Family
    The Mercer Family
    "Wonderful staff at KDC, we couldn't ever leave!"
  • The Mokfienski Family
    The Mokfienski Family
    "KDC has a very special EI Program that I am sure it has helped so many kids but no success is possible without the amazing therapists KDC provides!"
  • The Finley Family
    The Finley Family
    "My daughter is making great improvements with the help our Early Intervention Therapist and the KDC team."
  • The Cullen Family
    The Cullen Family
    "Our EI Therapist helps in identifying potential problems before they become bigger issues."
  • The Peters Family
    The Peters Family
    "She is a totally different kid now, thanks to KDC!"
  • The Pelonzi Family
    The Pelonzi Family
    "KDC helps you navigate your way, they provide emotional support that the parents need."
  • The Barrasso Family
    The Barrasso Family
    "Our daughter is eager to come everyday, she loves the staff at KDC."
  • The Ouellette Family
    The Ouellette Family
    "I am a better mother for my child because of them, and they have made sure our son is ready for the rest of his journey."
  • Kelly DiPersio
    Kelly DiPersio
    I am grateful for the Early Intervention services my family received.
  • Bill and Ellen Goodchild
    Bill and Ellen Goodchild
    Bill and Ellen have been a part of the Kennedy-Donovan Center family for more than 25 years.