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  • Ludiana
    "Ludiana truly is our shining star, she beat the odds stacked against her. She's taken advantage of the supports we offer at our Independant Living Program, and ran with them."
  • The Dazzi Family
    The Dazzi Family
    “I remember meeting with our doctor, and not knowing how autism would forever impact our lives.”
  • The Devine Family
    The Devine Family
    “The staff got to know Teddy and understand what he needs to be successful. The care goes above and beyond what I would expect from a typical school setting.”
  • The Soares Family
    The Soares Family
    "I have trusted KDC since day one and they have not let me down, not once in over twenty years. KDC is his family, they are extended family to us.”
  • The Devinney Family
    The Devinney Family
    “Noah was diagnosed at 3 with Autism and he barely spoke before he met his ABA therapist. Now he is saying so many words I am losing count!"
  • The Whalen Family
    The Whalen Family
    “I can breathe now- because of KDC. I don’t feel like I am ever going through this process alone."
  • The Gousie Family
    The Gousie Family
    "I often wondered would I ever hear her say, 'mom I love you?' It was scary to think about, but I knew no challenge was impossible for my daughter."
  • The Steel Family
    The Steel Family
    “I don’t know if she would be in an integrated classroom if it wasn’t for KDC,” said Kelly. “They have changed her life, our lives.”
  • The Pero Family
    The Pero Family
    "The impact the ABA Program has had on my son is incredible."
  • The Whitman Family
    The Whitman Family
    "The knowledge the OT had when she first came out to work with us was absolutely amazing. The skill she had surrounding premature babies was incredible."
  • The Cicia Family
    The Cicia Family
    "The impact of Early Intervention was nothing short of amazing and was just the blessing we needed."
  • The Ganz Family
    The Ganz Family
    "The KDC staff is amazing. We enjoyed playgroups, making friends, and of course making gains in our goals. Thank you very much!"
  • The Gualtieri Family
    The Gualtieri Family
    "Since the moment I called Kennedy-Donovan Center, I knew her life was going to change drastically."
  • The Scales Family
    The Scales Family
    "KDC showed us how to be strong advocates for Joe and thanks to their guidance Joe continued to grow and progress."
  • The Bentley Family
    The Bentley Family
    "They have done so much for our family and I truly believe my kids would not be where they are today if it were not for them and all the advice and tips and...
  • The Sampson Family
    The Sampson Family
    "It truly takes an one-of-a kind person to do what they did for our son, and we were gifted with 4 of them to help us on our journey to combat the developmental delays...
  • Team Grace!
    Team Grace!
    "We can’t thank KDC enough for everything they have done for Grace and our family. KDC is like family now!"
  • The Sugerman Family
    The Sugerman Family
    "For parents out there who are scared, confused, or just sense that something is wrong, working with KDC has been such a lifesaver to us and we're so thankful!"
  • Shady Hassanine
    Shady Hassanine
    "I’ve only been here for 3 years but I did what most would do in 20 years. KDC has changed my life."
  • Julie Cabral
    Julie Cabral
    "One of her greatest strengths- understanding what it takes to have a good relationship, friendship and how to treat people. Julie follows the ‘Golden Rule’ and that is a quality not many young adults...
  • Ilda Viveiros - Foster Parent at KDC
    Ilda Viveiros - Foster Parent at KDC
    “Kennedy-Donovan Center is a huge part of our lives. I trust the staff every, single day with the care of my family,” said Ilda. “My kids are safe, happy and loved and that makes...
  • The Bray Family
    The Bray Family
    "Thank you for helping our son graduate!"
  • The Suraj Family
    The Suraj Family
    "Thank you KDC for all you did for our family!"
  • The Owen Family
    The Owen Family
    "I was very happy with the services they provided to my daughter and the respect they showed my family as a whole unit, while in my home and I knew that was something I...
  • The Paras Family
    The Paras Family
    "Twenty years later, I am still fortunate enough to work for this wonderful Program who helped my daughter in so many ways!"
  • The Delafuente Family
    The Delafuente Family
    "Our EI therapist approached us as a family dynamic, and that was the most important thing to me."
  • The Youmans Family
    The Youmans Family
    "Our daughter is a fighter and is our hero."
  • The Mercer Family
    The Mercer Family
    "Wonderful staff at KDC, we couldn't ever leave!"
  • The Mokfienski Family
    The Mokfienski Family
    "KDC has a very special EI Program that I am sure it has helped so many kids but no success is possible without the amazing therapists KDC provides!"
  • The Finley Family
    The Finley Family
    "My daughter is making great improvements with the help our Early Intervention Therapist and the KDC team."
  • The Cullen Family
    The Cullen Family
    "Our EI Therapist helps in identifying potential problems before they become bigger issues."
  • The Peters Family
    The Peters Family
    "She is a totally different kid now, thanks to KDC!"
  • The Pelonzi Family
    The Pelonzi Family
    "KDC helps you navigate your way, they provide emotional support that the parents need."
  • The Barrasso Family
    The Barrasso Family
    "Our daughter is eager to come everyday, she loves the staff at KDC."
  • The Ouellette Family
    The Ouellette Family
    "I am a better mother for my child because of them, and they have made sure our son is ready for the rest of his journey."
  • Kelly DiPersio
    Kelly DiPersio
    I am grateful for the Early Intervention services my family received.
  • Bill and Ellen Goodchild
    Bill and Ellen Goodchild
    Bill and Ellen have been a part of the Kennedy-Donovan Center family for more than 25 years.